Provence is the most beautiful region in France with its unique climate and all year sunshine.  

Situated in southeastern France, Provence borders with the Alps and Italy in the east, the Rhone River and Camargue in the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. 

Ever since Peter Mayle´s „A Year in Provence“ made it into the international best-sellers list, Provence has held a special fascination for travellers from all over the world and for many of the French themselves. 

One trip to Provence is all it takes to fall in love with its charm, vivid colors, incredible food and the slow paced lifestyle of the people living here. Endless lavender and sunflower fields, so often painted by Van Gogh and Cézanne, olive groves and vineyards filled with the scents of wild thyme and rosemary wafting through the air...A perfect blend of unique landscapes, historical places and delicious food and wine.

We founded our company to share our love and passion of this region. We will take you behind the scenes  so you can experience the local way of life and meet true provençal people who are the soul of Provence. 

Using our knowledge and experience we will show you our secret Provence with its treausures and the french „ l'Art de Vivre“ far apart from touristic routes offering you private tours and a wide variety of concierge services.  

We organize your special events creating unique and unforgettable memories.

Our responsibility is to carry out your wishes exactly as how you had imagined it till the very last little detail but with the same passion and energy as if you had done it yourself 

 Svetlana Karner 

Professional food stylist and photographer with publications in ELLE, Saveurs, Sweet Dreams, Seasons, Servus, Essen und Trinken etc. Famous blogger and instagrammer with more than 100.000 followers, cooking autor, traveller and gourmet.

 Macha Robin 

Graduated from GITIS (producer department) - the oldest and largest theatre school in Russia 
(Russian University of Theatre Arts)  

Expert in film industry, organisation of video-clips and commercials in Russia and France.

Living since 8 years in Provence she fell in love with this region. Working for Belonika´s gastronomic school she has gathered unique knowledge and extensive experience in organising gourmet events, private tours and other events which she is happy to share.